Casio HK1223 Laptop User Manual

2-26 Operating Your Computer
The modem interfaces to the equipment’s controller by using the data
interface port. The protocol supported over this link is a Native Control
Language (NCL).
Although the modem has embedded software, it has built in
application software. All application software must be separately
installed and run from the device to which the modem is
The PRM240 Modem has the following features:
Serial communications interference port (TTL level)
Indicator lights shown the status of the network coverage and power
Four configurable digital Input/outputlines for external
Software configurable RF calibration adjustments to suit
High sensitivity reception
Small footprint and low profile design
Low-voltage and low standaby current consumption for battery based
Auto-wake up of host on incoming messages
Roaming capabilities as used in DataTAC network
Easy to install, service and update
FeaturesThe PRM240 modem is easily connected to many other
devices and can be incorporated into a variety package formats.
The modem has a TTL serial port.