Casio HK1223 Laptop User Manual

2-28 Operating Your Computer
Using the MESH Modem (option)
Motorola's MESH networking technology enables users to wirelessly
access critical broadband applications seamlessly - anytime and
anywhere. Whether utilizing predeployed infrastructure or an instant,
adhoc broadband network formed with other users, Motorola's MESH
networking technology delivers real-time data to detect, prevent and
respond. Key features of MESH include:
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Support for Wi-Fi Clients
Layer 2 Multicast Support
Network Time Protocol (NTP) Support
Differentiated Services using IP quality of Service (QoS)
Over-the-Air Software upgrade Support
MAC Access Control lists
Web (HTTP) based management interface
SNMP agent for remote management
Firmware Upgrades via TFTP
Using the Bluetooth (option)
NOTE: To take advantage of the Bluetooth feature, the Bluetooth driver supplied with
your computer must be installed.
Your computer is compliant with Bluetooth Class 1. To ensure
interoperability between other devices supporting Bluetooth technology,