Casio HK1223 Laptop User Manual

5-2 Setup Configuration Utility (SCU)
When and How to Use the SCU Program
When to Use
You need to run the SCU program when:
You see an error message on the screen requesting you to run Setup.
You want to restore the factory default settings.
You want to modify some specific settings according to the hardware.
You want to modify some specific settings to optimize system
Starting SCU
The Setup screens shown in this chapter are for your reference only. The actual
items or settings on your computer may differ.
The Setup program may have been updated after the publication of this manual.
The settings you select in your operating system might override similar settings in
To run SCU, press F2 when the prompt appears in the lower left corner of
the screen during system startup. The prompt shows up on the screen for
only a few seconds. You must press
F2 quickly. The SCU menu appears
as shown next.