Christie Digital Systems FP40 Computer Monitor User Manual

Lighter, Thinner, Brighter LCD Display
When you need big, bright, stunning images in a limited
space, Christie’s new FP40 is your answer.
The new Christie FP40 flat panel LCD monitor is the latest
in our range of display solutions ideal for smaller corporate
boardrooms and classrooms, retail and entertainment signage,
transit facilities, control rooms and broadcast and surveillance
applications. Anywhere you need high brightness, high
esolution images in a thin, light, LCD display that illuminates
your message in even the highest ambient light, the FP40
delivers a consistent, strong image.
The latest dir
ect view LCD technology eliminates heat, image
etention and bur
n-in challenges often seen with plasma
displays. The fanless design offers silent, reliable operation.
Low power consumption and long-life backlight r
educe the
cost of ownership. W
ith high life expectancy and high quality
large display capability, the FP40 is an ideal choice for your
display application.
Retail signage
Entertainment signage
Smaller Boardrooms
Transit facilities
Control Rooms
• Ultra-thin, high resolution LCD monitor for big, bright images
High r
esolution WXGA with suppor
t for most computer and
video sources
• High brightness and high contrast display is ideal for use in high
ambient light conditions
• W
ide viewing angle makes it easy for ever
yone to get the message
• Slim design allows you to put the message where it is needed
• Fast response time LCD display for sharp video reproduction
• Low power consumption and long-life backlight reduce cost
of ownership
• ChristieNET™ networkability for monitoring and control of all
critical features
• The latest direct view LCD technology eliminates the heat and
burn-in challenges often seen with plasma technology