Clarion HRM150 Computer Monitor User Manual

The HRM150 is engineered to be installed into factory headrests while retaining the factory cosmet-
ics. It is designed to fit Clarion monitors (VMA6491, VMA6492 or VMA7191) for rear passenger enter-
tainment. Please follow the directions carefully.
Clarion Monitor Headrest Shroud Preparation
1. Remove the headrest from the vehicle.
2. Using scissors, cut along the dotted lines of the provided headrest template.
Note: Lay the template on headrest or seatback to verify fit and size.
Make sure you verify the fit before proceding to the next step.
3. Lay the template on the headrest or seatback. Carefully mark the cutout opening onto the
headrest. Using a sharp utility knife, carefully cut the bezel opening and remove the material.
Note: Carefully remove the foam and locate the metal headrest supports.
4. Carefully cut an access hole for the video and power cable(s) on the bottom of the headrest.
5. Locate the metal headrest supports and insert the tie straps around the metal supports on all four
6. Slide the tie straps through the bezel loop openings. Once all tie straps are through the bezel,
gently adjust tie straps one at time until headrest bezel is secured onto the headrest.
Pre-Wiring of the Monitor
1. Carefully run the video and power cable(s) up the seat back and make an access hole on the top
portion of the seatback.
Seat Re-assembly
1. Re-install the headrest onto seatback.
Note: Do not re-install completely
2. Run the video and power cable(s) from seatback
opening into the headrest wiring opening.
Monitor Wiring and Mounting
1. Connect the video and power connections
from the bezel to the monitor.
2. Test the monitor for functionality before
proceeding to the next step.
3. Carefully tuck the cables into the headrest bezel.
4. Gently press the monitor into place until it is flush
with the bezel
Important Note
HRM150 is intended for rear passenger
entertainment only.
Installation Instructions
Universal Headrest Mount for VMA6491/VMA6492/VMA7191
Trim Ring
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