Compaq DS20 Laptop User Manual

Alpha Servers 2.1
Compaq AlphaServer DS20 Pedestal–Rackmount
Windows NT
V1.2—22 February 1999
Product Description
The Compaq AlphaServer DS20 is a 500MHz EV6 based Alpha microprocessor
server with 4 MB level two cache. The AlphaServer DS20 supports two CPUs,
and is available in Pedestal configurations with Windows NT operating system.
Pedestal configurations can be installed in M-series cabinet enclosures. The
AlphaServer DS20 system’s high-reliability features include: hot swap disk
drives, redundant power supplies, ECC memory, heat sensor, fan failure sensor,
and power supply sensor. Integrated on the system motherboard are, a diskette
controller, two serial ports, one parallel port, and keyboard and mouse
AlphaServer DS20 Pedestal System supports up to 10 internal storage devices
including one floppy diskette drive, one CD-ROM, one additional 5.25-inch
removable media device, and seven hot swap StorageWorks disk drives. The
system supports up to 128 GB of internal storage with seven 18.2 GB disk
System Ordering Rules
AlphaServer DS20 systems require the mandatory selection of: a system
disk, two SCSI ports, and a network adapter. Users can select 4.3 GB,
9.1 GB, or 18.2 GB disk drive as the system disk.
To order a complete system select: (1) a system, (2) a system disk, (3) two
SCSI ports, and (4) an Ethernet Adapter.
M-series Cabinet Enclosures
Cabinet enclosures are available in two sizes: 67-inch and 79-inch.
See Cabinet Configuration Chart for maximum combinations of systems and
StorageWorks shelves supported in M-series Cabinet Enclosures.
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