Dell 0NW164A01 Laptop User Manual

Quick Reference Card
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Holding Your Tablet
Right-Handed Use
Hold the Tablet-PC on your
left forearm with your left
hand on the grip, and the
scroll control and back
button within reach of your
fingers. You can hold the
pen in your right hand or
use a right-hand finger to
operate the tablet buttons
and display.
Left-Handed Use
Hold the Tablet-PC on your
right forearm with your right
hand on the grip. You can
hold the pen in your left
hand, manipulate the scroll
control and back buttons
with your left hand, or use a
left-hand finger to operate
the tablet buttons and
Changing Screen Orientation
You can change the screen orientation in different ways. Press the screen rotate tablet button
to rotate the screen 90-degrees clockwise. Right-click the QuickSet icon in the Notification
area. Click Tablet Settings and then Display. Then choose the orientation you want from the
Screen Orientation pull-down menu.
In Windows Vista, click StartControl PanelMobile PCTablet PC SettingsDisplay.
In Windows XP, click StartControl PanelPrinters and Other HardwareTablet and
Pen Settings, and then click the Display tab.
Accessories available for your Latitude XT Tablet-PC:
Battery slice 45-W AC adapter Media base Pen tips accessory kit
Leather portfolio case WWAN antenna kit