FieldServer FS-8700-40 Computer Drive User Manual

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6.3.2 Driver Specific Map Descriptor Parameters
Column Title Function Legal Values
Name of Node or panel for which this Map
Descriptor holds points
One of the node names specified
in “Client Node Descriptor” above
Module number (Note that this only specifies one
module number as opposed to a starting module
number as in the Client Map Descriptor)
1 256
Sub_Module Sub module in XLS system 0 99
Component_Address Component address in XLS system 0 99
Length of Map Descriptor
Specifies number of points for the indicated module.
Note that MXL systems typically has only 256 points
per module.
1 256
Type of event message
Note that a poller message type may not be used in
a Server Map Descriptor.
Fire; Fire_Ack; Trouble;
Trouble_Ack; Secur; Secur_Ack;
Super; Super_Ack; Status; Test;
Audible; Reset; Analog_Volts;
Analog_Sense; Analog_Thres