Fujitsu FMWCC42 Tablet User Manual

Stylistic 3400 is a trademark of Fujitsu PC Corp. © 2000 Fujitsu PC Corp.
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Portfolio Case
Installation Instructions
Stylistic 3400
The Stylistic 3400 portfolio case is designed to
provide a compact, elegant solution for using and
transporting your pen tablet with a keyboard.
The portfolio case consists of two distinct storage
areas: a pen tablet easel and a keyboard platform.
The portfolio can be configured to accommodate
either a USB mini keyboard or a small wireless
To open the portfolio, unzip the wraparound zipper
and flip the portfolio open. Undo the Velcro
that secures the flap to the back of the case. Extend
the back of the easel so that it forms a stand for the
pen tablet (see Figure 1). Adjust the retaining straps
to change the viewing angle of the display when it
is in the portfolio.
Lift the nylon screen flap and lay it over the back of
the easel to reveal the pen tablet platform (see
Figure 1). At the bottom of the platform is a flexible
ledge upon which the pen tablet sits.
Figure 1. Opening the Portfolio
Tuck your Stylistic 3400 behind the ledge lip and
lay the system flat onto the tablet platform. Make
sure the infrared keyboard port can be seen through
the port window on the ledge. When storing your
retaining straps
pen tablet in the portfolio, lay the nylon flap over
the screen to protect it from scratches. Secure the
nylon flap by attaching the Velcro® strap to the
attachment point on the flap (Reference Figure 2 for
Figure 2. Portfolio with USB keyboard installed
Installing a keyboard 0
The Stylistic 3400 portfolio will accommodate two
different types of keyboard: a USB mini keyboard,
or a small wireless keyboard.
USB keyboard 0
To install a mini USB keyboard, remove the two
spacer pads that are attached to the Velcro® strips
on the base of the portfolio (see Figure 3). Save the
pads for possible future use with a wireless
Position four unused Velcro® squares at the top
and bottom of the two strips, such that they are all
in contact with the USB keyboard when it is laid
into the portfolio. Peel the backing from the
squares, and position the keyboard directly over
them. Carefully lay the keyboard onto the squares
and press down firmly to attach the squares to the
assembled system in the portfolio with a wired USB
mini keyboard installed.
Secure the keyboard cable with the Velcro® straps
behind the pen holder. Route the cable end through
the elastic guide located adjacent to the USB port.
Note: Prior to closing the portfolio case, always
disconnect the USB cable from the USB port.