Gamber Johnson 7160-0264-04 Laptop Docking Station User Manual

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7160-0207: Docking Station (NO/RF)
7160-0207-02: Docking Station (DUAL/RF)
7160-0264-00 (-P): MK4 Docking Station (NO/RF)
7160-0264-02 (-P): MK4 Docking Station (DUAL/RF)
7160-0264-03 (-P): MK4 Docking Station w/Power Adapter (NO/RF)
7160-0264-04 (-P): MK4 Docking Station w/Power Adapter (DUAL/RF)
7160-0264-05: Cradle CF19 MK4
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7160-0215: LED Assembly
7160-0049: CF19 Screen Support
7160-0073: CF19 Wedge
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Panasonic recommends using a Lind Auto Adapter to power the docking station. It can be ordered from
Gamber-Johnson (Item No. 11798).
For instructions on the features, setup and operation of the CF19 computer, refer to the manuals
supplied by Panasonic with the computer.
No adjustments of the electrical components within the electrical enclosure are required. Opening
the enclosure (except to install the Power Cable) will break a seal and void the product warranty.
Conducting a "bench test", (the assembly, interconnection and start-up of all components:
Computer, Docking Station and any customer supplied equipment: printers, modems, scanners, etc.)
is strongly advised to verify all electronic and software issues are resolved.
Suggested flow of work is to:
1. Install and verify the computer is operational.
2. Add customer supplied equipment (printers, modems, scanner etc.)
If installing inside a vehicle, positioning of all mounts and equipment in the vehicle before the actual
install is also recommended to verify that mounting locations are practical.
Drivers: If needed, the software driver for this product can be downloaded from Panasonic's Support
1 0F 7
7160-0207 & 7160-0207-02 Docking Stations are compatible with all CF19 & CF18 computers.
7160-0264-00 (-P), 7160-0264-02 (-P), 7160-0264-03 (-P) & 7160-0264-04 (-P) Docking Stations
(Identified byToughbook Certified "Red Check" Label) are compatible only with CF19 MK4
Computers. MK4 Computers are identified by a letter "R" or higher in the computers model
number (i.e. CF-19R...)
7160-0264-05 Cradle CF19 MK4, and all accessories, are compatible with all CF19 Computers.