Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

24 Setting Up the Projector
Connecting an S-Video Source
If your video source has an S-Video jack, you can use it to project a
higher quality video image. You’ll need an S-Video cable, which is
usually provided with your video source, or you can purchase one
from EPSON. See page 12.
Before starting, make sure the projector and your DVD player or
other video source are turned off.
1. Insert one end of the S-Video cable into the projector’s
port and the other end into the S-Video output port of your video
2. If you want to play sound through the projector, connect the
audio plugs on the RCA A/V cable as described on page 22.
3. After you turn on your projector, be sure to:
If more than one device is connected to the projector, select
S-Video when you want to project this source. See page 30.
Open the Audio menu (if you connected the audio cable) and
make sure
Audio 2 is selected for the Audio Input setting.
See page 51.