Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

34 Using the Projector
You can also change the image size by moving the projector closer to
or farther away from the screen. You can use the
E-Zoom buttons on
the remote control to zoom in on a portion of the image. See page 42
for instructions.
Adjusting the Height of Your Image
If the image is too low, you can raise it by extending the projector’s feet.
1. Stand behind the projector. Press the blue foot release levers on
each side and lift the front of the projector. This unlocks the feet.
2. Once the image is positioned where you want, release the levers to
lock the feet in position.
3. To fine-tune the height of the image,
rotate the projector’s feet.
If the image is no longer rectangular after
raising it, see the next section.