Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

Appendix B: Notices 91
Appendix B: Notices
This appendix includes safety instructions and other important information
about your EPSON PowerLite 54c/74c.
Important Safety Instructions
Follow these safety instructions when setting up and using the projector:
Do not place the projector on an unstable cart, stand, or table.
Do not use the projector near water or sources of heat.
Use attachments only as recommended.
Use the type of power source indicated on the projector. If you are not
sure of the power available, consult your dealer or power company.
Place the projector near a wall outlet where the plug can be easily
Placez le projecteur près d’une prise de contacte où la fiche peut être
débranchée facilement.
Insert the projector’s two-wire plug into an electrical outlet. Do not hold
the plug with wet hands.
Take the following precautions for the plug. Failure to comply with
these precautions could result in sparks or fire: Do not insert the plug
into an outlet with dust present. Insert the plug firmly into the outlet.
Do not overload wall outlets, extension cords, or integral convenience
receptacles. This can cause fire or electric shock.
Do not place the projector where the cord can be walked on. This may
result in fraying or damage to the plug.
Unplug the projector from the wall outlet before cleaning. Use a damp
cloth for cleaning. Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners.
Do not block the slots and openings in the projector case. They provide
ventilation and prevent the projector from overheating. Do not operate
the projector on a sofa, rug, or other soft surface, or in a closed-in
cabinet unless proper ventilation is provided.