GE 1601-9026-A3 Switch User Manual

10.4 Updating Using the EnerVista Web Interface Software
Use the following steps to install the EnerVista Secure Web Management software.
Z Download the latest MultiLink firmware from the GE Multilin web site
to a convenient location on your hard drive.
Z Ensure that you have an FTP or TFTP server installed and running on
your computer. If you are using FTP, make sure you have the FTP
login name and password information ready.
Z Select the switch to upgrade. Ensure you have system administration
rights and privileges available on that switch.
Z Open a SWM session with the switch by typing in the following URL:
https://<IP address of the switch>
10.4.1 Using FTP
It is always a good idea to save the configuration before an upgrade. GE Multilin
recommends a two-step update: first save the configuration to the ftp server, then load
the new image and restart the switch.
To save the configuration using FTP,
Z Select the Config Upload transfer type in the FTP window
Z Load the new firmware as shown below
FTP is located under Configuration > File Mgmnt > FTP, if the current firmware is older
than 1.7.3..