GE D7600 Series Switch User Manual

User’s Manual 73
Manageable 8/9-Port Switch
IP Multicast Group
To view the IP multicast group addresses, click the Advanced Setup button, and click IP Multicast
Group in the selection menu. The information is read-only.
VLAN Perspective
To view the VLAN configuration information, click the Advanced Setup button, and point to VLAN
Perspective in the selection menu.
Step 3:
The VLAN Information window appears. Click to assign switch ports to VLAN ID 1. For each
switch, the port options include Tagged Ports, Untagged Ports, or Forbidden Ports.
Step 4:
Click to close the VLAN Information window.
Step 5: Add a VLAN Entry
Click on the Add VLAN button to create a new VLAN.
Step 1: VLAN Configuration
Click VLAN Configuration.
Step 2:
Click on a VLAN ID whose VLAN configuration you want to change.