GE GE-DS-242-POE Switch User Manual

2 of 10 P/N 1069668 • REV 1.0 • ISS 22FEB10
The minimum system requirements are:
Clients running Windows 98/ME, NT4.0, 2000/XP, Vista, MAC OS9 or later,
Linux, UNIX or other platform compatible with TCP/IP protocols.
Workstation installed with Ethernet NIC (Network interface Card)
Serial Port connection (Terminal)
Above PC with COM Port (DB-9)
• Ethernet Port connection
Network cables - Use standard network (UTP) cables with RJ45
Above PC installed with WEB Browser and JAVA runtime environment
Note: We recommend using Windows XP or Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 6.0
or above for access to the switch management setup.
Terminal Setup
There are three ways to access and setup your switch. They are:
• RS-232 console
• Telnet
• Web Browser
RS-232 console
To configure the system, connect a serial cable to a COM port on a PC or
notebook computer and to the serial (console) port of the GE-DS-242-PoE
Managed Switch. The console port of the Managed Switch is DCE already, so that
you can connect the console port directly through PC without the need of Null