GE GE-DS-242-POE Switch User Manual

4 of 10 P/N 1069668 • REV 1.0 • ISS 22FEB10
Logon to the Console
Once the terminal has connected to the device, power on the GE-DS-242-PoE
Managed Switch, the terminal will display that it is running testing procedures.
Then, the following message asks for the login user name and password. The
factory default password for the login screen is:
• Username: admin
• Password: admin
Figure 3: GE-DS-242-PoE Login screen
Note: For security reasons, please change and memorize the new password after
this first setup. Passwords must be entered in lowercase letters in the console
Telnet Setup
1. Connect an RJ-45 cable from the PC to a Switch port on the Managed