GE IMRSEN-W12 Switch User Manual

Catalog Number: RSEN-W12
Line-voltage Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor
Total Lighting Control
Installation Instructions
The RSEN-W12 is a self-contained motion-sensing
lighting control which replaces a conventional wall
switch for energy savings and convenience. Lights turn
off automatically after a room is vacated.
Built-in sensors produce low intensity, inaudible sound and
detect changes in sound waves caused by motion, such as
walking into the room, reaching for a telephone, turning in a
chair. The sensor does not respond to audible sound.
In the Automatic ON mode, the lights turn on automatically
when a person enters the room. In the Manual ON mode,
lights are turned on by pressing the touchplate on the switch.
Modes can be changed by flipping the concealed switch under
the touchplate. In either mode, lights will remain on as long
as motion is detected in the room. When no motion is detected,
the lights will turn off automatically after the pre-set time
delay. Following this, a “grace period” of approximately ten
seconds allows lights to be turned on again by motion.
At any time, lights may be turned off while the room is
occupied by pressing the touchplate. The RSEN-W12 is fully
self-resetting; lights turned off manually in Automatic ON
mode will stay off while the room remains occupied. After the
room is vacated and the preset time delay and grace period
have elapsed, the lights will remain off until turned on
automatically the next time someone enters the room.
The RSEN-W12 can be used with a standard toggle switch to
split the lighting load for rooms that are wired for two
switches as shown in the wiring diagram.
• Replaces a conventional wall switch
• For use in small rooms or offices up to 300 square feet
• One model for either 120 VAC or 277 VAC
• Choice of automatic ON or manual ON modes
• Separate time delay and sensitivity adjustments
• For indoor use only
Before proceeding, read the enclosed installation
instructions. For GE TLC Service, call: 1-877-584-2685
(USA) or 1-800-661-619 (Canada).