Honeywell 1500 All in One Printer User Manual

6 - 9
Character pairs /M and /N decode as a minus sign and period respectively.
Character pairs /P through /Y decode as 0 through 9.
Code 39 Code Page
Code pages define the mapping of character codes to characters. If the
data received does not display with the proper characters, it may be
because the bar code being scanned was created using a code page that
is different from the one the host program is expecting. If this is the case,
scan the bar code below, select the code page with which the bar codes
were created (see Code Page Mapping of Printed Bar Codes on page A-6),
and scan the value and the Save bar code from the Programming Chart on
the inside the back cover of this manual. The data characters should then
appear properly.
* Full ASCII Off
Code 39 Code Page