Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

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Fig. 78. Search for Data window
!121 To find and list records of events
1. Click on a site in the Sites tab.
2. Display the Events window by clicking
on the Toolbar.
3. Either:
select events that you want to search for, by selecting them.
- and / or -
type an ad hoc rule in the Edit Search Data box, then click Add. Regular
expressions can be used to search. Table 20 on p. 11–4 lists the special
characters that can be used for performing an extended search.
4. Enter a date and time in the From and To boxes. Use of these boxes is
explained in the next procedures.
5. Click Start. The Start button is unavailable until the dates and times differ in
From and To.
!122 To input different times and dates
Click on the part of the time or date that you want to change and do one of the following:
press cursor keys on the keyboard. The keys move the cursor to the next
field, and the keys increase or decrease a value.
type a value, as needed.