Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

12 Scheduling
Use of scheduling is optional. You also have the option of scheduling cameras and
alarms before or after they are setup. Scheduling is performed unit-by-unit. A benefit of
scheduling is that it spares storage on your Multi-Media unit.
In a nutshell
A Multi-Media unit can be set to record video only at times or days that you specify. For
example, your organization might need to record video only for holidays or at night, and
so on. You can also customize schedules for specific cameras, or groups of cameras.
Alarms can be scheduled as well; see 12.2 on p. 12–5.
Each camera can be assigned to either a:
“basic” schedule. The simplest way to assign cameras to the same schedule.
See 12.1: Camera Schedule and 12.1.1: Holiday and Exception.
custom schedule. See 12.1.2: Customizing Schedules.
another camera’s custom schedule. Cameras can be grouped into one of
many schedules. See 12.1.2: Customizing Schedules.
Fig. 81. Example of customized basic schedule: recording occurs at times other than
6:30 to 7:00, on Wednesdays.
Alarms can also be scheduled; for example, you can set events to trigger alarms, but
only after business hours, or at hours when it suits your organization most. Alarms are
scheduled globally. See 12.2: Alarm Schedule.