Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

12.2 Alarm Schedule
Global schedule
All of a Multi-Media unit’s alarms are assigned to the alarm schedule. Customizing the
alarm schedule disarms all of the alarms at these times, on those days.
Fig. 84. Arming alarms for weekends, holidays and exception days.
Holiday or exception days
Holidays and exceptional days on the Recording schedule and Alarm schedule tabs
are set using the same procedure. See 12.1.1: Holiday and Exception.
Though holidays and exception days are set using a similar procedure, settings
made on the Alarm Schedule tab apply only to alarms.
Settings made on the Recording tab apply only to cameras.
Settings for Holiday and Exception have higher priority than settings for days of
the week.
For example, setting weekdays to not “trigger alarms” and the Holiday row to trigger
alarms means that alarms are tripped when a holiday falls on a weekday.