Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

View: Operator Guide
Fig. 13. Globally customizing the time reference.
Customizing the time reference does not change the time on your Multi-Media
unit or your PC. Only the display changes. See also 6.9.1: Setting the Date for
Correct Alarm Sorting, p. 6–20.
!23 To temporarily change a time reference
Click Set Time Reference on the tear-away player’s File menu. A Customize Time
Reference for Session dialog is displayed to set the time display reference to either your
LTZ, the camera’s RTZ or to UTC. When you close the tear-away player, these
temporary settings are reset.
Fig. 14. Customizing the time reference for a session.
2.2 Resolution of Live Video
Dynamic resolution for Live video
Video resolution is dynamic for live sessions. As an operator makes a camera window
larger or smaller, the resolution of its video image is optimized for window size and
speed of delivery.
2.2.1 Monitor Settings in Microsoft Windows
Setting Microsoft Windows
For operators who plan to use View's higher resolution settings, Honeywell recommends
that the Screen area (for the monitor) be set to "1280 by 1024 pixels" or higher while
running View. Microsoft Windows is used to set this value, not View software.
Larger monitors
Larger computer screens and better video cards are assets when setting Microsoft
Windows for high Screen area settings. Using View to work with video can also benefit
from a larger viewing space and better hardware.