Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

Searching for Motion
5.6.3 Using Highlighting
Motion Highlighting. Enables/disables the highlighting of motion. If you are
getting more reports of movement than you expect (false positives), click the Motion
Highlighting button, while running a video feed. This lets you “see motion” as it is
detected by a Multi-Media unit: when enabled, moving objects produce colored pixels.
The color indicates if Multi will report the movement or not. For the location of the button,
see figure 47.
red or green. Indicate motion at or above the detection threshold.
blue. Indicates motion that is below the threshold of Sensitivity or detected
before the time set in Interval has elapsed. This movement is not reported. If
you need it to be reported, adjust the time of Interval and/or the Sensitivity.
See procedures !66 and !67.
!66 To turn motion highlighting on or off
1. After preparing a motion search (see 5.2, Preparation) and obtaining search
results (5.3, Search Report), view video of a result.
2. Click
, the Motion Highlight button.
Changing how a Multi-Media unit sees motion
Sensitivity. Moving the slider right of center shows movements more as red or green;
less as blue. Setting the slider further left makes movements shown more as blue, then
not at all.
!67 To adjust for false positives or false negatives
1. Using the information reported by motion highlighting, make a mental note if
too much or too little movement is being detected.
2. Click Redefine. The button is renamed to “Search”.
3. Adjust the Sensitivity slider. Set it towards the right if too little movement was
being detected; set it to the left if too much movement is detected.
4. Lengthen or shorten the time of Interval.
5. Click Search. You have the option of clicking Stop and redefining further.
5.6.4 More Solutions
Camera position. For false positives that occur at the edge of camera windows,
consider repositioning a camera. Placing a camera on the ceiling gives an odd view but
may mask flickering naturally. Movement from cars on a roadway, outside the area of
interest, can also be remedied by repositioning a camera.
Report customization. Customize the range of magnitudes reported, as explained in
5.3.1, Report Options.