Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

Alarms and Events
Run live alarm session on alarm. Running a live session while an alarm is pending
causes live video of all cameras at a site to be displayed full screen. Receiving an alarm
during an alarm session does not open a Live-alarmed session. See 6.2: Live-alarmed
Beep on alarms. Makes the operator’s PC produce and repeat a short, pitched,
electronic tone when a Multi-Media unit reports an alarm. An operator can use this
feature even if the PC does not have speakers or a sound card. The large alarm bell icon
still vibrates when Beep… is disabled.
Launch retrieval on selection from alarm list. During alive-alarmed session, it may be
more interesting for the operator to retrieve video from the time of the event, than to view
live video from the site. The option enables you to start a retrieval session from the time
of the alarm, by selecting an alarm from the alarm list in the live alarmed session. See
figure 58. The option can be disabled by removing the checkmark.
Automatically acknowledge (ACK) alarms. During a live-alarmed session, makes
the small alarm bell button acknowledge all alarms from that site. See figure 58. The
small alarm bell button is not the large alarm bell icon, illustrated in figure 55; clicking the
large icon only stops the beeping.
Fig. 58. Live Alarmed toolbar detail. For context, see figure 59.
Automatic record for live alarm. Recording a clip starts immediately when an alarm is
received at the operator’s PC. Preparation.
Accept Alarm Callbacks. Setting for PCs designated as Multi-Media alarm stations.
Set Limit of callbacks to n. The “n” is a number from 1 to 16; the maximum number of
units from which callbacks are accepted before more are turned away to callback other
alarm stations.
Something to watch out for…
Alarms can be scheduled not to trigger at certain times or days. See 12.2: Alarm
Schedule, on p. 12–5.