Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

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Table 15
Event default settings for log and alarm
source event log alar
View operator Session: connect, reject and
nil nil
Maintenance: configuration, security,
system files, synchronize time, clear
storage, clear stream
“ “
Outputs: activate, deactivate*
“ “
Multi-Media unit System: run-time failure, self-restart,
reboot, no video recording, time
server unusable, no synchronization
in 24 hours, excessive system clock
drift, SMART disk failure
log by default
outside world Inputs: activate, deactivate
nil “
Video: signal unlock, signal unlock
“ “
Motion: Not on Event tab; on the
Video tab.
“ “
customer-device user defined: Not on Event tab; on
the Serial Devices tab.
“ “
* Control Output 6 is unavailable as an event when Fault Relay is enabled. The Control
Outputs on a Multi-Media LT unit remain available when its Fault Relay is enabled.