Kodak CS300C Printer User Manual

IPDS for production color printing
The Kodak Versamark CS300c System
Controller drives Kodak Inkjet Printers
using AFP/IPDS. This is used by many
data centers and service bureaus
printing transactional documents, billing
statements, and direct mail. The CS300c
enables higher productivity, eective use
of variable data, and the power of color.
The CS300c provides an AFP
Consortium Compliant interface for the
Kodak Versamark Printing Systems.
It has the power to run full CMYK
color jobs using overlays, FS42 or
FS45 function sets from the IPDS data
stream. ICC profiles are used to produce
consistent color quality output.
It can integrate into existing IPDS
production environments or let Kodak’s
workflow support team direct you to the
best-fit solutions for your production
needs. The CS300c System Controller
connects directly to mainframes that
produce IPDS output or any of the
industry’s common AFP servers that
produce IPDS output.
Step up to the possibilities of color
Take advantage of the industry trend
toward color printing and value-
added services.
TransPromo - Add promotional
information and your statement
becomes a marketing tool.
Use “onserts” to fill in unused white
space on your statements.
Color personalization has been
proven to increase the response
rates for marketing promotions.
Loyalty programs, cross-sell, up-sell,
and advertising opportunities.
Personal 1-to-1 communication.
Improve recognition and
understanding by adding pie charts,
graphs, images, and highlights, in
full color. Fewer calls come into the
service center.
Save mailing costs by eliminating
inserts and separate direct mailing
of promotions.
White paper in… finished product out
Imagine replacing your preprinted forms
and laser imprinting devices with a
single pass production process. Color
backgrounds that were traditionally
preprinted can be printed in color
on the same machine that adds the
personalized data. You can eliminate the
handling, storage, and waste associated
with preprints. All of this results in
reduced cost for printing.
Print legacy applications too
Not ready for color yet? The high duty
cycle of the Kodak Versamark V-Series
Printing Systems can often replace
numerous competitive monochrome
devices, saving you floor space and
overhead. Our modular systems and
the flexible CS300c design allow you to
easily make the transition to color, while
still producing your existing jobs on the
same printer. Retain your investment
in the technology as your business
Versamark CS300c
System Controller