Lenovo 09144DU Laptop User Manual

Ideapad Z560/Z565 Hardware Maintenance Manual
When you use the recovery discs to boot your computer, the system will enter
the user interface for system recovery automatically. Please follow the prompt
to insert the backup discs to complete the whole recovery process.
The recovery process might take up to 2 hours.
As many as two passwords may be needed for any Lenovo IdeaPad computer:
the power-on password (POP) and the supervisor password (SVP).
If any of these passwords has been set, a prompt for it appears on the screen
whenever the computer is turned on. The computer does not start until the
password is entered.
Exception: If only an SVP is installed, the password prompt does not appear
when the operating system is booted.
Power-on password
A power-on password (POP) protects the system from being powered on by
an unauthorized person. The password must be entered before an operating
system can be booted.
Supervisor password
A supervisor password (SVP) protects the system information stored in the
BIOS Setup Utility. The user must enter the SVP in order to get access to the
BIOS Setup Utility and change the system conguration.
Attention: If the SVP has been forgotten and cannot be made available to
the servicer, there is no service procedure to reset the password. The system
board must be replaced for a scheduled fee.