Lenovo 09144DU Laptop User Manual

Ideapad Z560/Z565 Hardware Maintenance Manual
Hibernation mode
In hibernation mode, the following occurs:
The system status, RAM, VRAM, and setup data are stored on the hard disk.
The system is powered off.
To cause the computer to enter hibernation mode, follow the steps below:
If you are using the ACPI operating system and have defined one of the
following actions as the event that causes the system to go into hibernation
mode, perform that action:
Closing the lid.
Pressing the power button.
Also, the computer goes into hibernation mode automatically in either of the
following conditions:
If a “hibernation time” has been set on the timer, and if the user does not do
any operation with the keyboard, the hard disk drive, the parallel connector,
or the diskette drive within that time.
If the timer conditions are satised in suspend mode.
When the power is turned on, the computer returns from hibernation mode and
resumes operation. The hibernation le in the boot record on the hard disk drive
is read, and system status is restored from the hard disk drive.