Lenovo 09144DU Laptop User Manual

Lenovo IdeaPad Z560/Z565
FRU tests
The following table shows the test for each FRU.
Table 3. FRU tests
FRU Applicable test
System board 1. Diagnostics --> CPU/Coprocessor
2. Diagnostics --> Systemboard
LCD unit 1. Diagnostics --> Video Adapter
2. Interactive Tests --> Video
Keyboard 1. Diagnostics --> Systemboard --> Keyboard
2. Interactive Tests --> Keyboard
Hard disk drive Diagnostics --> Fixed Disks
Diskette drive Diagnostics --> Diskette Drives
Memory 1. If two DIMMs are installed, remove one of them and run
Diagnostics --> PM Memory.
2. If the problem does not recur, return the DIMM to its
place, remove the other one, and run the test again.
3. If the test does not detect the error, run Diagnostics -->
PM Memory.