Lenovo 09144DU Laptop User Manual

Lenovo IdeaPad Z560/Z565
1180 Integrated camera
For access, remove these FRUs in order:
“1010 Battery pack” on page 40
“1020 Dummy cards” on page 41
“1030 Hard disk drive (HDD)/Memory/CPU (Central processing unit)/Mini
PCI ExpressCard slot compartment cover ” on page 42
“1040 Hard disk drive ” on page 43
“1050 Optical drive” on page 45
“1060 DIMM” on page 46
“1070 Fan assembly and Heat Sink assembly” on page 47
“1090 PCI Express Mini Card for wireless LAN/WAN” on page 51
“1100 Keyboard” on page 53
“1110 Keyboard bezel” on page 55
“1130 System board and ExpressCard slot assembly” on page 60
“1140 LCD unit” on page 64
“1160 LCD front bezel” on page 70
“1170 LCD panel and hinges” on page 71
Figure 18. Removal steps of integrated camera
Note: The integrated camera is stuck on the top center of the LCD cover.
Detach the connector in the direction shown by arrow
and then remove the
integrated camera from the LCD cover
When installing: Stick the integrated camera to the top center of the LCD
cover and ajust the placement of it to make sure the connector is attached
firmly. When replacing the integrated camera, route the connector cable as
shown in the gure above.