Linksys EZXS55W-CA Switch User Manual

Package Contents
One EtherFast 10/100 5-Port Workgroup Switch
One AC Adapter (2)
One User Guide (3)
One Quick Installation Sheet and Registration
Card (not shown)
Switches are network devices that connect computers together in a network and help trans-
fer data across the network. The EtherFast 5-Port Switch is 10/100Mbps and uses half-
duplex and full-duplex modes.
Your network revolves around your switch. To network your computers, you should not
connect your computers directly to one another; instead, you should connect them through
your switch.
Ports 1-5 Ports 1-5 are where you will connect your PCs to the Switch. It is through these
ports that network information is exchanged.
Uplink You can expand your network by connecting the Switch to another hub, switch,
or router through the Uplink port. If the Uplink port is being used, port 5—the
port adjacent to it—will become inactive, reducing the number of the Switch’s
operable ports from five to four.
Power The Power port is where you will connect the included power adapter. Be sure
to only use the power adapter that came with the product. Using third-party
power adapters could damage the Switch.
The Switch’s rear panel has five RJ-45
ports, plus a shared Uplink port. Each
RJ-45 port is used to connect a comput-
er to the Switch, while the Uplink port
is used to connect the Switch to other
network devices. Connections to the
Switch require UTP Category 5 (or bet-
ter) network cabling with RJ-45 tips, not
to exceed 100 meters (328 feet) in length.
To connect a computer directly to the Switch, plug one end of the cable into any available
port marked 1-5 on the back of the Switch, and then plug the other end of the cable into the
computer's network adapter.
When connecting the Switch to another networking device, attach a UTP Category 5 cable
to the Uplink port on the back of the switch and connect the other end to any regular avail-
able port on the back of the network device. Using the Uplink port will automatically dis-
able port 5, which is directly next to it, since the Uplink port is a shared port. You cannot
use port 5 and the Uplink port at the same time.
Connect the Switch’s AC power adapter
to the Switch’s Power port. Plug the
other end of the adapter into a standard
electrical outlet. Each time the Switch
powers up, it will run a Diagnostic/Self-
Test. After the test, the Power LED will
light up. As the attached devices are
powered on, each port’s corresponding
Link/Activity LED will light up.
You have successfully installed the Switch.
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Instant EtherFast
The EtherFast 5-Port Switch’s
Connect Computers to the Switch
Powering on the Switch