NETGEAR WNR2000 Network Router User Manual

v1.0, September 2008
About This Manual
The user manual provides information for configuring the features of the NETGEAR
Router Model WNR2000 beyond initial configuration settings. Initial configuration instructions
can be found in the ETGEAR Wireless- Router Setup Manual. You should have basic to
intermediate computer and Internet skills.
Conventions, Formats, and Scope
The conventions, formats, and scope of this manual are described in the following paragraphs:
Typographical conventions. This manual uses the following typographical conventions:
Formats. This manual uses the following formats to highlight special messages:
Italic Emphasis, books, CDs
Bold User input, GUI screen text
Fixed Command prompt, CLI text, code
Italic URL links
ote: This format is used to highlight information of importance or special interest.
Tip: This format is used to highlight a procedure that will save time or resources.
Warning: Ignoring this type of note might result in a malfunction or damage to the
equipment, a breach of security, or a loss of data.