NETGEAR WNDR3700V4 Network Router User Manual

Advanced Settings
N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router WNDR3700v4
UPnP Portmap Table. The UPnP Portmap Table displays the IP address of each UPnP
device that is currently accessing the router and which ports (internal and external) that
device has opened. The UPnP Portmap Table also displays what type of port is open and
whether that port is still active for each IP address.
3. Click Apply to save your settings.
You can use this feature to set up an IPv6 Internet connection type if genie does not detect it
To set up an IPv6 Internet connection type:
1. Select Advanced >
Advanced Setup > IPv6 to display the following screen:
2. Select the IPv6 connection type from the list. Your Internet service provider (ISP) can
provide this information.
If your ISP did not provide details, you can select IPv6 T
If you are not sure, select Auto Detect so that the router detects the IPv6 type that is
in use.
If your Internet connection does not use PPPoE, DHCP
, or fixed, but is IPv6, select
Auto Config.
For more detailed information about Internet connection types, see the following
3. Click Apply so that your changes take ef