Panasonic RR-US310 Microcassette Recorder User Manual

Dry-cell battery DC 1.5 V (1 AAA LR03 battery
(alkaline battery))
bit rate
(XP, LP, SLP: sound
([ ] : recording with external
microphone jack)
XP : MP3 192 kbps
Monaural [Stereo]
LP : MP3 96 kbps
Monaural [Stereo]
SLP : MP3 32 kbps
Monaural [Monaural]
Sampling frequency
(The bracket [ ] shows the
sound quality.)
44.1 kHz [XP : MP3 192 kbps]
44.1 kHz [LP : MP3 96 kbps]
16 kHz [SLP : MP3 32 kbps]
Recording format MP3
Playable bit rate
(“MUSIC” folder)
16 kbps to 320 kbps (MP3)
Playable sampling
(“MUSIC” folder)
8 kHz to 48 kHz (MP3)
(-10 dB, recording/
playback, external
microphone jack)
(The bracket [ ] shows the
sound quality.)
60 Hz to 19,000 Hz
[XP : MP3 192 kbps]
60 Hz to 15,000 Hz
[LP : MP3 96 kbps]
60 Hz to 5,400 Hz
[SLP : MP3 32 kbps]
USB USB2.0 (Hi-Speed)
DC 5 V / 150 mA
Earphone ø 3.5 mm, 16 Ω,
Max. 3.6 mW + 3.6 mW
ø 20 mm, 8 Ω,
Max. 80 mW
ø 3.5 mm Stereo
2.2 mV
plug in power
Max. dimensions
(W × H × D)
37.5 mm (W) × 107.8 mm (H) ×
15.7 mm (D)
Cabinet dimensions
(W × H × D)
37 mm (W) × 107.5 mm (H) ×
15 mm (D)
Approx. 50 g with battery
Approx. 39 g without battery
Operating temperature
0 °C to 40 °C
Operating humidity
20% RH to 80% RH
(No condensation)
Internal memory 2 GB
Usable capacity will be less.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
This unit may receive radio interference caused by
mobile telephones during use. If such interference
occurs, please increase separation between this
unit and the mobile telephone.
• Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly
replaced. Replace only with the type
recommended by the manufacturer.
• When disposing the batteries, please contact
your local authorities or dealer and ask for the
correct method of disposal.
Recommended additional earphones:
Panasonic RP-HV154, RP-HJE125
(the product number is correct as of January 2013.)
• Excessive sound pressure from earphones and
headphones can cause hearing loss.
• Listening at full volume for long periods may
damage the user’s ears.
• Be sure to use the supplied or recommended
headphones or earphones.
Based on EN 50332-2:2003
1) Maximum output voltage(earphone output) :
2) Wide band characteristic voltage(earphones):
Disposal of Old Equipment and Batteries
Only for European Union and countries with
recycling systems
These symbols on the products, packaging,
and/or accompanying documents mean that
used electrical and electronic products and
batteries must not be mixed with general
household waste.
For proper treatment, recovery and
recycling of old products and used batteries,
please take them to applicable collection
points in accordance with your national
By disposing of them correctly, you will help
to save valuable resources and prevent any
potential negative effects on human health
and the environment.
For more information about collection
and recycling, please contact your local
Penalties may be applicable for incorrect
disposal of this waste, in accordance with
national legislation.
(Note for the battery symbol (bottom
This symbol might be used in combination
with a chemical symbol. In this case it
complies with the requirement set by the
Directive for the chemical involved.
Other names, company names, and product names
printed in these instructions are trademarks or
registered trademarks of the companies concerned.
Panasonic Warranty
1. The product is warranted for 12 months from the date of purchase. Subject to the conditions of this warranty
Panasonic or its Authorised Service Centre will perform necessary service on the product without charge for
parts or labour, if in the opinion of Panasonic, the product is found to be faulty within the warranty period.
2. This warranty only applies to Panasonic products purchased in Australia and sold by Panasonic Australia or
its Authorised Distributors or Dealers and only where the products are used and serviced within Australia or
it's territories. Warranty cover only applies to service carried out by a Panasonic Authorised Service Centre
and only if valid proof of purchase is presented when warranty service is requested.
3. This warranty only applies if the product has been installed and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s
recommendations (as noted in the operating instructions) under normal use and reasonable care (in the
opinion of Panasonic). The warranty covers normal domestic use only and does not cover damage,
malfunction or failure resulting from use of incorrect voltages, incorrect installation, accident, misuse, neglect,
build-up of dirt or dust, abuse, maladjustment of customer controls, mains supply problems, thunderstorm
activity, infestation by insects or vermin, tampering or repair by unauthorised persons (including unauthorised
alterations), introduction of sand, humidity or liquids, commercial use such as hotel, of ce, restaurant, or other
business or rental use of the product, exposure to abnormally corrosive conditions or any foreign object or
matter having entered the product.
4. This warranty does not cover the following items unless the fault or defect existed at the time of purchase:
(a) Cabinet Part(s) (e) DVD, Blu-ray or Recordable Discs
(b) Video or Audio Tapes (f) Video / Audio Heads from wear and tear in normal use
(c) SD cards or USB devices (g) Information stored on Hard Disk Drive, USB stick or SD card
(d) User replaceable Batteries (h) DTV reception issues caused by TV Aerial / Cabling / Wall socket(s)
5. Some products may be supplied with Ethernet connection hardware. The warranty is limited on such products
and will not cover
(a) Internet and or DLNA connection / setup related problems
(b) Access fees and or charges incurred for internet connection
(c) The use of incompatible software or software not speci cally stipulated in the product operations manual;
(d) Any indirect or consequential costs associated with the incorrect use or misuse of the hardware, its
connection to the internet or any other device.
6. To claim warranty service, when required, you should:
Telephone Panasonic’s Customer Care Centre on 132600 or visit our website referred to below and use
the Service Centre Locator for the name/address of the nearest Authorised Service Centre.
Send or take the product to a Panasonic Authorised Service Centre together with your proof of purchase
receipt as a proof of purchase date. Please note that freight and insurance to and / or from your nearest
Authorised Service Centre must be arranged by you.
Note that home or pick-up/delivery service is available for the following products in the major metropolitan
areas of Australia or the normal operating areas of the nearest Authorised Service Centres:
- Plasma/LCD televisions / displays (screen size greater than 103 cm)
7. The warranties hereby conferred do not extend to, and exclude, any costs associated with the installation, de-
installation or re-installation of a product, including costs related to the mounting, de-mounting or remounting
of any screen, (and any other ancillary activities), delivery, handling, freighting, transportation or insurance of
the product or any part thereof or replacement of and do not extend to, and exclude, any damage or loss
occurring by reason of, during, associated with, or related to such installation, de-installation, re-installation or
Panasonic Authorised Service Centres are located in major metropolitan areas and most regional centres of
Australia, however, coverage will vary dependant on product. For advice on exact Authorised Service Centre
locations for your product, please telephone our Customer Care Centre on 132600 or visit our website and use
the Service Centre Locator.
In addition to your rights under this warranty, Panasonic products come with consumer guarantees that cannot be
excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. If there is a major failure with the product, you can reject the
product and elect to have a refund or to have the product replaced or if you wish you may elect to keep the goods
and be compensated for the drop in value of the goods. You are also entitled to have the product repaired or
replaced if the product fails to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
If there is a major failure in regard to the product which cannot be remedied then you must notify us within a
reasonable period by contacting the Panasonic Customer Care Centre. If the failure in the product is not a major
failure then Panasonic may choose to repair or replace the product and will do so in a reasonable period of time
from receiving notice from you.
If you require assistance regarding warranty conditions or any other enquiries, please visit the
Panasonic Australia website
or contact by phone on
132 600
If phoning in, please ensure you have your operating instructions available.
Panasonic Australia Pty. Limited
ACN 001 592 187 ABN 83 001 592 187
1 Innovation Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113
PRO-031-F11 Issue: 4.0 01-01-2011
Built-in microphone S/N
(The bracket [ ] shows the
sound quality.)
45 dB [XP : MP3 192 kbps]
Filter (JIS A)
Technische Daten
DC 1,5 V (1 AAA LR03 Batterie
Bitrate bei Aufnahme/
(XP, LP, SLP: Tonqualität)
([ ] : Aufnahme über
Buchse für externes
XP : MP3 192 kbps
Monaural [Stereo]
LP : MP3 96 kbps
Monaural [Stereo]
SLP : MP3 32 kbps
Monaural [Monaural]
(In Klammern [ ] wird die
Tonqualität angegeben.)
44,1 kHz [XP : MP3 192 kbps]
44,1 kHz [LP : MP3 96 kbps]
16 kHz [SLP : MP3 32 kbps]
Aufzeichnungsformat MP3
Abspielbare Bitrate
(Ordner „MUSIC“)
16 kbps bis 320 kbps (MP3)
(Ordner „MUSIC“)
8 kHz bis 48 kHz (MP3)
(-10 dB, Aufnahme/
Wiedergabe, über
Buchse für externes
(In Klammern [ ] wird die
Tonqualität angegeben.)
60 Hz bis 19.000 Hz
[XP : MP3 192 kbps]
60 Hz bis 15.000 Hz
[LP : MP3 96 kbps]
60 Hz bis 5.400 Hz
[SLP : MP3 32 kbps]
USB USB2.0 (Hochgeschwindigkeit)
DC 5 V / 150 mA
Ohrhörer ø 3,5 mm, 16 Ω,
Max. 3,6 mW + 3,6 mW
ø 20 mm, 8 Ω,
Max. 80 mW
Buchse für
ø 3,5 mm Stereo
2,2 mV
Max. Abmessungen
(B × H × T)
37,5 mm (B) × 107,8 mm (H) ×
15,7 mm (T)
(B × H × T)
37 mm (B) × 107,5 mm (H) ×
15 mm (T)
Ca. 50 g mit Batterie
Ca. 39 g ohne Batterie
Temperatur bei Betrieb
0 °C bis 40 °C
Luftfeuchtigkeit bei
20% bis 80% rel. Feuchte
(ohne Kondensation)
Interner Speicher 2 GB
Der tatsächlich nutzbare Speicherplatz ist geringer.
Technische Daten können jederzeit ohne
Vorankündigung geändert werden.
Eingebautes Mikrofon S/N
(In Klammern [ ] wird die
Tonqualität angegeben.)
45 dB [XP : MP3 192 kbps]
Filter (JIS A)
Dieses Gerät kann beim Betrieb
Hochfrequenzstörungen auffangen, die von einem
in der Nähe verwendeten Handy verursacht werden.
Falls eine solche Störbeeinflussung festgestellt
wird, sollte das Handy in größerer Entfernung von
diesem Gerät betrieben werden.
Bei Austausch gegen einen ungeeigneten
Ersatzakku besteht Explosionsgefahr! Den
Originalakku ausschließlich gegen einen Akku des
vom Hersteller vorgeschriebenen Typs austauschen.
Beim Entsorgen verbrauchter Akkus die
einschlägigen Umweltschutzbestimmungen
einhalten, über die Auskünfte von der zuständigen
Behörde oder dem Fachhändler erhältlich sind.
Empfohlener zusätzlicher Ohrhörer:
Panasonic RP-HV154, RP-HJE125
(Stand Januar 2013)
• Extremer Schalldruck von Ohrhörern und
Kopfhörern kann zu Hörverlust führen.
Das Hören bei voller Lautstärke über längere Zeiträume
hinweg, kann die Ohren des Benutzers schädigen.
Achten Sie darauf, die mitgelieferten oder
empfohlenen Kopfhörer oder Ohrhörer zu verwenden.
Gemäß EN 50332-2:2003
1) Maximale Ausgangsspannung
(Kopfhörerausgang): 150mV
2) Charakteristische Breitbandspannung
(Kopfhörer): 75mV
Entsorgung von Altgeräten und Batterien
Nur für die Europäische Union und Länder mit
Dieses Symbol, auf den Produkten, der
Verpackung und/oder den Begleitdokumenten,
bedeutet, dass gebrauchte elektrische und
elektronische Produkte sowie Batterien nicht in den
allgemeinen Hausmüll gegeben werden dürfen.
Bitte führen Sie alte Produkte und verbrauchte
Batterien zur Behandlung, Aufarbeitung bzw. zum
Recycling gemäß den gesetzlichen Bestimmungen
den zuständigen Sammelpunkten zu.
Indem Sie diese Produkte und Batterien
ordnungsgemäß entsorgen, helfen Sie dabei,
wertvolle Ressourcen zu schützen und eventuelle
negative Auswirkungen auf die menschliche
Gesundheit und die Umwelt zu vermeiden.
Für mehr Informationen zu Sammlung und
Recycling, wenden Sie sich bitte an Ihren örtlichen
Gemäß Landesvorschriften können wegen nicht
ordnungsgemäßer Entsorgung dieses Abfalls
Strafgelder verhängt werden.
Hinweis für das Batteriesymbol (Symbol unten):
Dieses Symbol kann in Kombination mit
einem chemischen Symbol abgebildet sein.
In diesem Fall erfolgt dieses auf Grund der
Anforderungen derjenigen Richtlinien, die für
die betreffende Chemikalie erlassen wurden.
Bei allen sonstigen in dieser Anleitung erwähnten
Firmennamen und Produktbezeichnungen handelt
es sich um Marken bzw. eingetragene Marken der
betreffenden Unternehmen.
Piles sèches 1,5 V CC (1 pile AAA LR03
(pile alcaline))
Bande passante
(XP, LP, SLP : qualité sonore)
([ ] : enregistrement avec une
prise microphone externe)
XP : MP3 192 kbps
Monophonique [Stéréo]
LP : MP3 96 kbps
Monophonique [Stéréo]
SLP : MP3 32 kbps
Monophonique [Monophonique]
Fréquence d’échantillonnage
(Les crochets [ ] indiquent
la qualité sonore.)
44,1 kHz [XP : MP3 192 kbps]
44,1 kHz [LP : MP3 96 kbps]
16 kHz [SLP : MP3 32 kbps]
Format d’enregistrement
Bande passante
pouvant être lue
(dossier “MUSIC”)
16 kbps à 320 kbps (MP3)
Fréquence d’échantillonnage
pouvant être lue
(dossier “MUSIC”)
8 kHz à 48 kHz (MP3)
Caractéristique de
fréquence (-10 dB,
prise microphone externe)
(Les crochets [ ] indiquent
la qualité sonore.)
60 Hz à 19.000 Hz
[XP : MP3 192 kbps]
60 Hz à 15.000 Hz
[LP : MP3 96 kbps]
60 Hz à 5.400 Hz
[SLP : MP3 32 kbps]
USB USB2.0 (haut débit)
5 V CC / 150 mA
ø 3,5 mm, 16 Ω,
Max. 3,6 mW + 3,6 mW
Sortie haut-
ø 20 mm, 8 Ω,
Max. 80 mW
Prise microphone
ø 3,5 mm Stéréo
Alimentation PIP de 2,2 mV
Dimensions max
(I × L × H)
37,5 mm (l) × 107,8 mm (L) ×
15,7 mm (H)
Dimensions du boîtier
(I × L × H)
37 mm (l) × 107,5 mm (L) ×
15 mm (H)
Environ 50 g avec une pile
Environ 39 g sans pile
Température de
0 °C à 40 °C
Humidité de
20% RH à 80% RH
(sans condensation)
Mémoire interne 2 Go
La capacité réelle disponible sera moindre.
Les spécifications sont susceptibles d’être modifiées
sans préavis.
Ce produit peut être perturbé par les ondes des
téléphones mobiles pendant l’utilisation. Si vous
constatez une telle interférence, éloignez le
téléphone mobile du produit.
• Danger d’explosion si la batterie est
remplacée de manière incorrecte.
Remplacezla uniquement par le type
recommandé par le fabricant.
Avant de jeter les batteries, veuillez contacter
l’autorité locale compétente ou le revendeur
pour connaître la méthode adéquate de le faire.
Écouteurs supplémentaires recommandés :
Panasonic RP-HV154, RP-HJE125
(À compter de janvier 2013)
• Une pression excessive du son provenant des
écouteurs et hautparleurs peut entraîner une
perte de l’ouïe.
• A pleine puissance, l’écoute prolongée
du baladeur peut endommager l’oreille de
• Veillez à utiliser le casque ou les écouteurs
fournis avec l’appareil ou recommandés.
Selon EN 50332-2:2003
1) Tension de sortie maximum (sortie oreillette) :
2) Tension caractéristique de la bande large
(oreillettes) :
L’élimination des équipements et des batteries usagés
Applicable uniquement dans les pays membres de l’Union
européenne et les pays disposant de systèmes de recyclage.
Apposé sur le produit lui-même, sur son emballage,
ou figurant dans la documentation qui l’accompagne,
ce pictogramme indique que les piles, appareils
électriques et électroniques usagés, doivent être
séparées des ordures ménagères.
Afin de permettre le traitement, la valorisation et le
recyclage adéquats des piles et des appareils usagés,
veuillez les porter à l’un des points de collecte prévus,
conformément à la législation nationale en vigueur.
En les éliminant conformément à la réglementation
en vigueur, vous contribuez à éviter le gaspillage de
ressources précieuses ainsi qu’à protéger la santé
humaine et l’environnement.
Pour de plus amples renseignements sur la collecte
et le recyclage, veuillez vous renseigner auprès des
collectivités locales.
Le non-respect de la réglementation relative à
l’élimination des déchets est passible d’une peine
(Note relative au pictogramme à apposer
sur les piles (pictogramme du bas) :
Si ce pictogramme est combiné avec un
symbole chimique, il répond également aux
exigences posées par la Directive relative
au produit chimique concerné.
Les autres noms, noms de compagnie et noms de
produit mentionnés dans les présentes instructions
sont les marques de commerce, déposées ou non,
des compagnies concernées.
S/B microphone intégré
(Les crochets [ ] indiquent
la qualité sonore.)
45 dB [XP : MP3 192 kbps]
Filtre (JIS A)
Batteria a secco CC 1,5 V (1 batteria AAA LR03
(batteria alcalina))
Bit rate di
(XP, LP, SLP: qualità sonora)
([ ] : registrazione tramite
jack microfono esterno)
XP : MP3 192 kbps
monoaurale [stereo]
LP : MP3 96 kbps
monoaurale [stereo]
SLP : MP3 32 kbps
monoaurale [monoaurale]
Frequenza di
(le parentesi [ ] indicano la
qualità sonora.)
44,1 kHz [XP : MP3 192 kbps]
44,1 kHz [LP : MP3 96 kbps]
16 kHz [SLP : MP3 32 kbps]
Formato di registrazione
Bit rate riproducibile
(cartella “MUSIC”)
da 16 kbps a 320 kbps (MP3)
Frequenza di
campionamento riproducibile
(cartella “MUSIC”)
da 8 kHz a 48 kHz (MP3)
(-10 dB, registrazione/
riproduzione, jack
microfono esterno)
(le parentesi [ ] indicano la
qualità sonora.)
60 Hz a 19.000 Hz
[XP : MP3 192 kbps]
60 Hz a 15.000 Hz
[LP : MP3 96 kbps]
60 Hz a 5.400 Hz
[SLP : MP3 32 kbps]
USB USB2.0 (alta velocità)
CC 5 V / 150 mA
Auricolari ø 3,5 mm, 16 Ω,
Max. 3,6 mW + 3,6 mW
ø 20 mm, 8 Ω,
Max. 80 mW
Jack microfono
ø 3,5 mm stereo
2,2 mV
alimentazione in ingresso
Dimensioni massime
(L × A × P)
37,5 mm (L) × 107,8 mm (A) ×
15,7 mm (P)
Dimensioni scocca
(L × A × P)
37 mm (L) × 107,5 mm (A) ×
15 mm (P)
Appross. 50 g con batteria
Appross. 39 g senza batteria
Temperatura di
0 °C a 40 °C
Umidità di
da 20% UR a 80% UR
(senza condensa)
Memoria interna 2 GB
La capacità utilizzabile è inferiore.
Le specifiche sono soggette a cambiamenti senza
Durante l’uso, questo prodotto potrebbe essere
soggetto all’interferenza radio causata dal cellulare.
Se si dovesse verificare tale interferenza, aumentare
la distanza tra questo prodotto e il cellulare.
• Pericolo di esplosione se la batteria viene
sostituita scorrettamente. Sostituirla soltanto
con il tipo consigliato dal produttore.
• Per disfarsi delle batterie, rivolgersi alle
autorità locali o al rivenditore, e chiedere il
modo corretto di rottamazione.
Auricolari addizionali consigliati:
Panasonic RP-HV154, RP-HJE125
(a partire da gennaio 2013)
• Un’eccessiva pressione dei suoni negli
auricolari e nelle cuffie può provocare danni
• L’ascolto a tutto volume per lunghi periodi di
tempo può provocare danni all’udito dell’utente
• Assicurarsi di utilizzare cuffie e auricolari che
siano raccomandati o forniti in dotazione.
In base allo standard EN 50332-2:2003
1) Tensione di uscita massima (uscita auricolare):
2) Tensione caratteristica ampia banda
(auricolari): 75mV
Smaltimento di vecchie apparecchiature e batterie usate
Solo per Unione Europea e Nazioni con sistemi di
raccolta e smaltimento
Questi simboli sui prodotti, sull’imballaggio
e/o sulle documentazioni o manuali
accompagnanti i prodotti indicano che i
prodotti elettrici, elettronici e le batterie
usate non devono essere buttati nei rifiuti
domestici generici.
Per un trattamento adeguato , recupero e
riciclaggio di vecchi prodotti e batterie usate
vi invitiamo a portarli negli appositi punti di
raccolta secondo la legislazione vigente nel
vostro paese.
Con uno smaltimento corretto, contribuirete
a salvare importanti risorse e ad evitare i
potenziali effetti negativi sulla salute umana
e sull’ambiente.
Per ulteriori informazioni su raccolta e
riciclaggio, vi invitiamo a contattare il vostro
Lo smaltimento non corretto di questi rifiuti
potrebbe comportare sanzioni in accordo
con la legislazione nazionale.
(Note per il simbolo batterie (simbolo
Questo simbolo può essere usato in
combinazione con un simbolo chimico. In questo
caso è conforme ai requisiti indicati dalla Direttiva
per il prodotto chimico in questione.
Altri nomi, nomi di aziende e nomi di prodotti
menzionati del presente manuale sono marchi o
marchi registrati delle relative aziende.
S/N microfono integrato
(le parentesi [ ] indicano la
qualità sonora.)
45 dB [XP : MP3 192 kbps]
Filtro (JIS A)
Pila seca CC 1,5 V (1 pila AAA LR03 (pila
Velocidad de bits de
(XP, LP, SLP: calidad de
([ ] : grabación con clavija
externa tipo jack para micrófono)
XP : MP3 192 kbps
Monoaural [Estéreo]
LP : MP3 96 kbps
Monoaural [Estéreo]
SLP : MP3 32 kbps
Monoaural [Monoaural]
Frecuencia de muestreo
(Entre los corchetes [ ] se
muestra la calidad de sonido.)
44,1 kHz [XP : MP3 192 kbps]
44,1 kHz [LP : MP3 96 kbps]
16 kHz [SLP : MP3 32 kbps]
Formato de grabación
Velocidad de bits reproducible
(carpeta “MUSIC”)
de 16 kbps a 320 kbps (MP3)
Frecuencia de muestreo
(carpeta “MUSIC”)
de 8 kHz a 48 kHz (MP3)
(-10 dB, grabación/
reproducción, clavija externa
tipo jack para micrófono)
(Entre los corchetes [ ] se
muestra la calidad de sonido.)
de 60 Hz a 19.000 Hz
[XP : MP3 192 kbps]
de 60 Hz a 15.000 Hz
[LP : MP3 96 kbps]
de 60 Hz a 5.400 Hz
[SLP : MP3 32 kbps]
USB USB2.0 (alta velocidad)
CC 5 V / 150 mA
Salida de
ø 3,5 mm, 16 Ω,
Max. 3,6 mW + 3,6 mW
ø 20 mm, 8 Ω,
Max. 80 mW
Clavija externa
tipo jack para
ø 3,5 mm Estéreo
2,2 mV alimentación de entrada
Dimensiones máx.
(An × Al × Pr)
37,5 mm (An) × 107,8 mm (Al) ×
15,7 mm (Pr)
Dimensiones de la carcasa
(An × Al × Pr)
37 mm (An) × 107,5 mm (Al) ×
15 mm (Pr)
50 g con la pila, aprox.
39 g sin la pila, aprox.
Temperatura de
de 0 °C a 40 °C
Humedad de
de 20% a 80% de humedad
relativa (sin condensación)
Memoria interna 2 GB
La capacidad utilizable será inferior.
Estas especificaciones están sujetas a cambios sin previo aviso.
Este producto puede tener interferencias causadas
por teléfonos móviles durante su utilización. Si
tales interferencias resultan evidentes, aumente la
separación entre el producto y el teléfono móvil.
• Existe peligro de explosión si la batería se
reemplaza mal. Reemplácela por otra del tipo
recomendado por el fabricante.
Cuando se deshaga de las baterías, póngase
en contacto con las autoridades de su localidad
o con su concesionario y pregunte por el
método correcto para deshacerse de ellas.
Auriculares adicionales recomendados:
Panasonic RP-HV154, RP-HJE125
(Desde enero de 2013)
• Una presión de sonido excesiva desde los
audífonos y auriculares puede causar pérdida
• Escuchar con el volumen al máximo durante
largos períodos de tiempo puede dañar los
oídos del usuario.
• Asegúrese de utilizar los auriculares o
audífonos recomendados o suministrados.
Basado en EN 50332-2:20033
1) Máximo voltaje de salida (salida de
auriculares) :
2) Voltaje característico de banda ancha
(auriculares) :
Eliminación de Aparatos Viejos y de Pilas y Baterías
Solamente para la Unión Europea y países con
sistemas de reciclado.
Estos símbolos en los productos, su embalaje
o en los documentos que los acompañen
significan que los productos eléctricos y
electrónicos y pilas y baterías usadas no
deben mezclarse con los residuos domésticos.
Para el adecuado tratamiento, recuperación
y reciclaje de los productos viejos y pilas
y baterías usadas llévelos a los puntos de
recogida de acuerdo con su legislación
Si los elimina correctamente ayudará a
preservar valuosos recursos y evitará
potenciales efectos negativos sobre la salud
de las personas y sobre el medio ambiente.
Para más información sobre la recogida
u reciclaje, por favor contacte con su
Puede haber sanciones por una incorrecta
eliminación de este residuo, de acuerdo con la
legislación nacional.
(Nota para el símbolo de pilas y baterías
(símbolo debajo)):
Este símbolo puede usarse en combinación
con el símbolo químico. En este caso,
cumple con los requisitos de la Directiva del
producto químico indicado.
Otros nombres, nombres de compañías y nombres
de productos mencionados en estas instrucciones
son marcas de fábrica o marcas registradas de las
compañías pertinentes.
Micrófono incorporado S/N
(Entre los corchetes [ ] se
muestra la calidad de sonido.)
45 dB [XP : MP3 192 kbps]
Filtro (JIS A)
Sales and Support information (For the United Kingdom and Ireland customers)
Customer Communications Centre
For customers within the U.K.: 0844 844 3899
For customers within Ireland: 01289 8333
Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm, (Excluding public holidays).
For further support on your product, please visit our website:
Direct Sales at Panasonic U.K.
Order accessory and consumable items for your product with ease and confidence by phoning our Customer
Communications Centre Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm, (Excluding public holidays).
Or go on line through our Internet Accessory ordering application at
Most major credit and debit cards accepted.
All enquiries transactions and distribution facilities are provided directly by Panasonic U.K.
It couldn’t be simpler!
Also available through our Internet is direct shopping for a wide range of finished products. Take a browse on our
website for further details.
Dear customer
Thank you for purchasing this product.
Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and save this manual for future use.
Carefully observe copyright laws.
Recording of pre-recorded tapes or discs or other published or broadcast material for purposes other
than your own private use may infringe copyright laws. Even for the purpose of private use, recording
of certain material may be restricted.
Reading Operating Instructions (PDF)
Detailed operations for this unit are described in the Operating Instructions
(PDF format) stored in the internal memory of this unit. Copy them to the
computer for reading.
Turn off the unit and remove the USB terminal cover. (
below A, I)
Keep the USB plug cover out of reach of children to prevent swallowing.
Turn on the computer and insert this unit to the USB terminal of the computer.
Open “MANUAL” folder from “IC RECORDER”.
Copy the file in “MANUAL” folder to the computer.
Open the copied file.
RR-US310 Supported OS
• Microsoft
XP Home Edition/Professional and Service Pack 2, Service Pack 3
• Microsoft
Windows Vista
Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Ultimate and Service Pack 1,
Service Pack 2
7 Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate and Service Pack 1
• Microsoft
8 /Pro
• Mac OS X 10.2.8 - 10.8
If Operating Instructions cannot be opened
To read or print the Operating Instructions, Adobe Acrobat Reader (5.0 or later versions) or Adobe
Reader (7.0 or later versions) is necessary.
If it is not installed on your computer, download Adobe Reader from the following site:
To recover Operating Instructions deleted from the internal memory of this unit
Turn the power on.
below A)
below E)
Press u, i to select “ ” and press [q OK].
below D, G)
Press +, – to “ ” and press [q OK].
below C, G)
Recovery operation starts. When it is complete, the previous screen is returned.
When formatting is performed on this unit (
below “Deleting files and formatting”), “MANUAL”
folder is also deleted. To recover the Operating Instructions, perform the above procedure.
If there is not enough space (approx. 6 MB) or the battery level is low, recovery is impossible.
Supplied accessories
Please check and identify the supplied accessories.
Use numbers indicated in parentheses when asking for replacement parts.
(Product numbers correct as of January 2013. These may be subject to change.)
1 USB extension cable [K2ZZ04Y00005]
Do not use any other USB extension cables except the supplied one.
Caution: Use only the supplied USB extension cable with a ferrite core when connecting to computer.
The clock is used as a file name or to preserve recording date and time information.
Set the correct date and time. The date and time need to be set after the battery is replaced.
Names and Functions of Main Parts
Turn the power on. (
Press [* REC]. (
Recording starts.
Each press: Pause Resume recording
Press [g STOP/RETURN]. (
Stopping recording.
Press u, i to select. (
Select a file.
Press [q OK]. (
Playback starts.
Adjusting the volume. (
Turn up the volume: Press +.
Turn down the volume: Press -.
Deleting files and formatting
Press u, i to select. (
Select a file.
Press [ERASE/A-B&]. (
Press u, i to select “ ” and press [q OK]. (
D, G)
When “ ” is selected, all files in the folder are
deleted. When “ ” is selected, the internal
memory of this unit is formatted.
Press u, i to select “ ” and press [q OK]. (
D, G)
The selected file is deleted.
Inserting a battery
Open the battery cover (
1 AAA LR03 battery (not supplied)
Make sure
and are correctly placed.
Close the battery cover
Use an alkaline battery.
Remove the battery from the unit when you will not use the unit for a long period of time.
Do not heat or expose to flame.
Do not leave the battery(ies) in a car exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time with doors
and windows closed.
Keep the AAA LR03 batteries out of reach of children to prevent swallowing.
Pursuant to the applicable EU legislation
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Panasonic Testing Centre
Winsbergring 15, 22525 Hamburg, Germany
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