Philips 107561 Computer Monitor User Manual

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digitalized CRT, value
and lead-free design
With first-ever one-chip Digital Deflection CPU for superb display, the exclusive High
Bright Hot Key for instant brightness enhancement, ideal screen size and lead-free
design, the 107S6 delivers an unbeatable mix of performance and value.
Outstanding front of screen performance
Philips breakthrough advanced Digital Deflection CPU
High Bright Hot Key instantly adjusts brightness levels
XGA 1024x768 resolution for sharper display
Easy-on-the-eyes high-bright, high-contrast tube
Real flat CRT for natural, distortion and glare-free display
sRGB ensures color matching between display and printouts
Great convenience
Compatibility with PC and Mac platforms
Green design
Lead-free design safeguards our environment
Lower power consumption than the industry average
MPRII ensures safety by limiting electromagnetic radiation
Environmentally responsible Energy Star partner
For your safety: Aerospace composite fire retardant case
CRT monitor
real flat XGA