Philips 107B10 Computer Monitor User Manual

Product description
17" -inch (16.0" VIS) color monitor with excellent front of
screen performance for use with MACs and PCs
Autoscan covers horizontal frequencies up to 92 KHz
offering a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1440 with flicker
free display of 1024 x 768 at up to 115 Hz
Flat Square High Contrast CRT with high-resolution
0.25 mm dot pitch (0.21 mm hdp)
XSD- XtraSpace Design for large screen display in a
small footprint: World’s shortest 17-inch monitor with
maximum depth of only 368 mm/14.5" that matches most
of today’s 14-inch monitors.
Outstanding ease of use thanks to CustoMax
control software via USB
Multimedia Base and USB Hub option
TCO99, E2000, NUTEK, EPA, FCC, CE and ISO9241
(at selected countries)
17" (16.0" VIS) XSD
control via USB Optional USB HUB PCUH411 Optional Multimedia Base 6G3B10