Philips 105S Computer Monitor User Manual

Standard Series Monitor
15" (13.8" VIS) Color Monitor
With Outstanding Performance
At An Incredible Price
Crisp, clear display that’s easy on the eyes. This monitor,
with high contrast tube, has a fine dot pitch and non-glare tube which ensures
crisp, clear graphics and text that are easy on the eyes, even after hours of
continuous use
Superior performance. With a maximum resolution of 1024 x 768
at 75Hz, the 105S provides superior performance required by today’s
demanding applications
Screen adjustments made easy. Convenient digital controls allow
you to make quick and easy screen adjustments, and 6 user memories eliminate
aggravating screen adjustments when switching resolutions
A monitor you can rely on.
A 60,000-hour-mean-time-between-failure
(MTBF) rating makes it one of the most
reliable monitors on the market,
backed by the world’s second
largest monitor maker, with
an exceptional warranty of 3
years parts and labor for
your investment
Incredible value for a
15" monitor.
The out-
standing performance and
features of the 105S result in
a monitor which is as easy on
your eyes as it is on
your wallet