Philips PXG30 Series Projector User Manual

Brighter, Sharper, and Unbeatable Contrast
— Stunning Performance!
PXG30 Series
Philips Multimedia Projectors
Exceptional Brilliance
With up to 3200 ANSI lumen and 800:1 contrast, the PXG30 Series delivers the power you
need to project brilliant, crystal clear images, even under the highest ambient light conditions.
Superb Picture Quality
SmartSet™ advanced digital image processing automatically adjusts all display parameters
to guarantee consistently perfect image quality and stability.
Versatile Display Solution
With a broad range of source compatibility and extensive connectivity, the PXG30 is the ideal
solution for large screen display systems that demand the highest performance and flexibility.
Intuitive Operation
Keep focused on your presentation with convenient features such as easy on-screen menus
and SmartTimer™.
Advanced Control
Philips' ProntoNEO provides complete control over the PXG30 as well as other equipment in
your system. An RS232 serial port enables interfacing with external control systems.
Consistently Reliable
Philips 250W UHP™ lamp guarantees sustained brightness and long term color stability.
SmartSave™ conserves lamp life by automatically switching off the projector when not in use.