Premier Mounts PBM-123L Projector Accessories User Manual

LCD Projector Mount
Step 1
Invert the projector and place it on a soft and flat surface.
Raise the front adjustment foot slightly slide the projector
bracket under the foot. lower the foot snug against the
bracket. Locate the 4mm mounting holes located on the
bottom of the projector. Secure the mounting bracket with the
two (2) 4mmx10mm min (supplied) Phillip screws tighten to
(4kg-cm). The hinge pin openings must face the lens of the
projector. Align the holes from the strap to the threaded
points on the side of the mounting bracket and secure using
the two (2) 4mmx10mm Phillip screws.
Do not over tighten!
Step 2
Install the base box securely to the ceiling structure in
accordance with proper commercial standards. Use
(commercially available) suitable hardware depending
on the installation requirements.
NOTE: If the (optional) AST-2446 adjustable height
suspension adapter is a part of the installation, securely
install the adapter to the ceiling at this time. (Refer to its
installation instructions).
Step 3
Install the two (2) hinge pin bolts loosely on both sides of the
base box. Raise the projector with the mounting bracket
hed and slip though the hinge pin slots openings on the
bracket into the base box. Install the two (2) angle locking
bolts. Adjust the angle, lock it, and then tighten the hinge pin
Do not over tighten!
Step 4
Check all the hardware for proper tightness and security.