Premier Mounts PDS-023 Projector Accessories User Manual

PDS-023 Projector Bracket
Installation Instructions Page 1
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PDS-023 Projector Bracket Installation Instructions
PDS-023 Bracket
(Qty 1)
M4 x 10mm Phillips
Head Screws
(Qty 3)
1. Invert the projector and place it on a soft and flat surface. Remove any foot
levelers that might possibly prevent the correct installation of the bracket.
2. Locate the three mounting points located on the bottom of the projector.
3. Line up the mounting points on the projector with the mounting holes on
the PDS-023 mounting bracket.
1. Using a screwdriver, secure the PDS-023 mounting bracket using three (3)
M4 x 10mm Phillips Head screws. Do not over tighten these screws.
Overtightening the screws may result in damaging the threaded inserts on
the projector.
: Please refer to the PDS Base Box Installation Instructions to attach
the PDS Base Box to the PDS-023 mounting bracket.
NOTE: The projector (shown above) is for illustration purposes only.
M4 x 10mm
Security Head
Screws (Qty 3)