Radio Shack PRO-137 Scanner User Manual

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Printed in China
1. Slide open the battery compartment cover on the back of
the scanner.
2. Set the switch according to
the type of batteries you are
installing: ALKALINE or Ni-MH.
3. Place 3AA batteries into the
battery compartment.
4. Replace the cover.
To charge batteries:
1. Set the switch to Ni-MH.
2. Install rechargeable batteries.
3. Connect an external power source to the 6V 800mA jack.
Note: The scanner stops charging automatically after a maximum of 14 hours.
Step 1: Insert Batteries
Attach the supplied antenna to
the scanner by screwing it tightly
onto the anchor post at the top of
the radio.
When using an external antenna,
always use 50-ohm, RG-58, or
RG-8, coaxial cable to connect
to it. If the antenna is over 50
feet from the scanner, use RG-8
low-loss dielectric coaxial cable.
If your antenna’s cable does not
have a SMA connector, your local
RadioShack store carries a variety
of SMA adapters.
Step 2: Install Antenna
Turning on the Scanner
Press and hold / .
Setting the Volume
1. Push the SEL/VOL/SQL knob.
2. Rotate the knob to select the volume level from 0 to 15.
Setting the Squelch
1. Press Func.
2. Push the SEL/VOL/SQL knob.
3. Rotate the knob to select the squelch level from 0 to 15.
Step 3: Basic Operations
Before You Get to the Track
Your scanner is preprogrammed with all of the
drivers and their possible frequencies that were
known when it was manufactured.
Before you leave for the track, check the
Internet to see if there are any frequency
updates available for your race. You can save
time at the track by setting up as much as
possible before you leave.
When You Get to the Track
When you arrive at the race, get a list of the
frequencies in use that race day. These are
normally available for sale on the way into the
facility. This list will show the actual frequency
being used by each driver that day, as well as
some other useful frequency information.
Then, follow the steps in the following sections
to adjust the scanner settings.
Load the Preset Race Frequency List
For your convenience, six car race frequencies
are preprogrammed. You can use one of these
race frequencies by loading it to the channel
To load the race frequencies:
1. Press Menu.
2. Rotate the knob to select 1: Preset Race, then
press E
3. Rotate the knob to select 1: Load Race, then
press E
4. Rotate the knob to select one of the races,
then press E
5. If you select races A, B or C, Load Bank X into
Bank 0 Yes=”1” / No=”3” appears.
If you select races D, E, or F, Load Bank X into
Bank 0 and 1 Yes=”1” / No=”3” appears.
6. Press 1 to program the race or press 3 to
Program Driver Frequencies
To select the appropriate frequency for each
1. Press CAR, enter the car’s number, then
press E
2. If the car number is not stored, Car# XX is
not stored. Program new car? Yes = “E” / No = “.
3. Press E
to edit the tag.
4. Enter the tag you want to assign to the car
number (such as driver’s name), then press
5. Enter the frequency of the car, then press
6. If you want to input another frequency to
the car, press E
To edit a tag:
Press the number/letter buttons multiple
times until the desired letter appears.
Rotate the knob clockwise to move the
cursor to the left, counterclockwise to
move to the right.
Press Func to toggle the input mode
between ABC, abc, and 123.
Press •CLR once to erase one character.
Press and hold to erase all characters.
Press E
to save the tag and exit editing
Monitor a Car
To listen to the transmissions from one car:
1. Press CAR, enter the car number, then
press E
1. Select the car from a list. Press CAR then
press E
2. Rotating the knob to the desired car, then
press E
Select the Car’s Primary Frequency
Primary frequency is the frequency which is
selected first when a car has two or more
frequencies. By default, the frequency in
the smallest channel works as the primary
To change a car’s primary frequency:
1. Show the channel where the car number is
2. Press the Func key and rotate the knob to
select the other frequency.
Primary frequency is also changed automatically
in the following situations:
Selecting car channel by rotating the knob
during manual mode.
Pressing SCAN when you monitor a car
channel found by scan mode.
Step 4: Using Your Scanner at the Racetrack
Warning: Only set the switch inside the
battery compartment to Ni-MH for use
with Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. Never
use non-rechargeable batteries when the
switch is set to Ni-MH.
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