Rosewill RM-6500 Mouse User Manual

3. Button wake-up: If you want to re-use the mouse while it is at “The Sleep Mode”,
you can press the button of mouse.
4. You can re-utilize the mouse successfully after pressing the button of mouse.
• To optimize the performance of your R/F reception, please make your receiver at
least 8 inches (20 cm) away from electronic devices, such as monitor, speakers or
external storage devices.
• Please avoid your R/F optical mouse to work on a metal surface. Metals such as iron,
aluminum or copper shield, the radio frequency transmission may slow down the
response of the mouse or cause the mouse to fail temporarily.
• This R/F mouse will enter a suspend mode as your computer sleeps. Please slightly
press the buttons to wake up the mouse when the mouse is “at the sleep mode”.
• Never use the R/F mouse on a glass or mirrored surface.
• Always use Alkaline batteries ONLY. Do not mix used and new batteries in one mouse.
• Please push gently otherwise the connector will be rejected.
Push backward the top shell of this mouse.
Power Saving
Push out
Push in
Power on
Power off
user manual
Waste electrical and electronic products must not be disposed of with
household waste.
Please refer to the retailer from whom you purchased this item for
disposal instructions.
Packing materials should be recycled using local facilities
Install Your Wireless Mouse
Hardware Installation
Installing Batteries:
1. Remove the batteries cover from the
top of your mouse.
2. Insert two AAA Alkaline Batteries into
the battery compartment.
3. Replace the cover carefully.
• Once the batteries are placed correctly in the mouse, the optical LED located at the
mouse bottom will light up.
Connect the Mouse:
To connect to a USB port (Windows 98SE or higher required), connect the USB receiver
to the USB port on the computer.
Establishing a Communication Link
A. The R/F mouse is “Plug and Play”, you may have to set the channel for the products.
If you find the mouse can not work smoothly or the mouse has been interfered by the
neighbor R/F product or you change the new battery, you can take the following steps:
1. Press the reset button on the receiver.
2. Press the reset button on the bottom of the mouse
Follow the above 2 steps until your R/F mouse find the best channel ID.
B. Strong Power Saving
1. USB receiver plugged into the mouse will turn off the
2. The R/F mouse has feature of strong power saving:
If you didn’t use the mouse, the mouse will go into
“The Sleep Mode”, it can save more power.
Important Note
Utilizing the latest wireless RF technology, this mouse can work from any directions or
angles even when objects are placed between your mouse & the receiver.
You can locate the device freely and enjoy its convenience.
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