Samsung BG68-01525A Computer Drive User Manual

4. The installation of TruDirect is proceeding.
5. If the installation of TruDirect is completed, press [Finish] button to complete the installation.
For the installation of TruDirect application, the installation manager judges if a drive is
If it is a certificated drive, the installation manager continues the installation of TruDirect.
If not, the installation manager indicates an error message and stops the installation.
There are three methods in the start and use of TruDirect.
- Click the TruDirect shortcuts in the windows background or start menu.
- Select Trudirect in the application list of OS search popup window.
- Press the TruDirect function button in the front of drive.
Start of TruDirect
A user can operate TruDirect with a manual mode or a Express mode according to
the level of intervention that a user wants.
- Express Mode : It is possible to make a DVD in a short time by clicking many buttons of
popup screen or TruDirect function button of front of drive.
Manual mode and Express mode
2. Starting the TruDirect
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