Samsung SCS-26UC4 Network Router User Manual

LED Function Description
PWR Power Solid blue: normal
No light: abnormal
SYS System
Solid blue: normal
Blinking red: establishing
an initial network
Solid red: abnormal
GPS GPS Signal Solid blue: normal (GPS
signal is received)
Blinking blue or red:
while searching for GPS
Solid red: abnormal
(GPS signal cannot be
received, the external
GPS antenna is required)*
WAN WAN (Ethernet
Solid blue: normal
Blinking blue: data
No light: abnormal
5. Allow 3 - 5 minutes for the base station
to complete the startup sequence and
detect both its connections and available
communications. The rst time the base
station is used, it may take as long as one
hour for the initial GPS acquisition.
Your Network Extender is ready for use when all
four LEDs are solid blue.
Note: The optional GPS antenna cable is required
only when the external GPS antenna installation
is necessary.
What if my GPS LED is still red after one hour?
If the GPS LED is still red after one hour, you need
to relocate the GPS antenna to receive a stronger
signal. See “External GPS Antenna” in the User
How do I know my phone is connecting
through the Network Extender?
When dialing
48 on your wireless phone, an an-
nouncement will tell you if you are within range
of the Network Extender. In addition, you will
hear a short double tone on your wireless phone
whenever making or receiving a call. The tone is
played at the beginning of the call.
Refer to the Network Extender User Guide •
that came with your device.
Visit •
Call Customer Service toll free at 800-922-•
0204 or *611 from your Verizon Wireless
mobile phone.
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* See “External GPS Antenna” in the User Guide.