Sharp AR-160 Copier User Manual

4. Consumable parts recycling procedure
A. TD cartridge
1) Check the external view.
Note: Be careful especially of breakage of the pins and the ATC
sensor connector shown below.
2) Remove the waste toner box unit.
3) Remove the developing unit.
4) Remove the DV blade.
Note: Be sure to remove adhesive completely.
Remove adhesive together with the base PET.
5) Tilt the developing unit, rotate the DV gear clockwise, and
remove developer.
6) Clean and remove developer on the MG roller and toner on the
developing doctor completely with a vacuum cleaner or an air
7) Shake the developer bottle about 10 times and supply developer
to the developing unit.
Turn the stirring roller to distribute developer evenly.
8) Install the toner box.
9) Shake the toner bottle about 20 times and install the toner supp-
ly hose to the toner bottle.
10) Remove the toner cap. While visually inspecting from the toner
supply port, stop the TH shaft at the vertical position. (The TH
mylar is on the lower side.) (Turn the gear on the back of the
toner box counterclockwise to set the TH mylar on the lower
AR-160/161 FM/E [3] CONSUMABLE PARTS 11/27/1998
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