Sharp AR-160 Copier User Manual

11) Face the toner supply port of the toner box upward with the
toner bottle put straight, and insert the supply hose into the toner
supply port.
12) Lift the toner bottle and supply toner.
13) Remove the supply hose from the toner box with care not to spill
toner, and attach the toner cap.
Note: If the toner cap is not attached properly, toner splash may
14) Install the waste toner box.
15) Check the operations of the DV lever and the toner box shutter.
16) Wipe and clean the developer unit with alcohol, and attach the
DV blade to it.
(Note) Dry alcohol completely before attaching the DV blade,
When attaching the DV blade, be careful not to scratch it
and eliminate slack.
After attaching, be careful not to scratch and damage the
DV blade.
17) Shake the developing unit 5 times left and right horizontally.
18) Check the distribution state of developer on the MG roller.
Rotate the MG roller and visually check for no improper distribu-
tion of developer which may be caused by foreign materials.
19) Mark the number of times of recycling on the back of the toner
box with white paint.
Max. times of recycling: 5 times
B. Drum unit
1) Check the external view.
Check for damage or cracks on the boss and the boss hole.
Check to insure that the waste toner pipe shutter slides
Check to insure that the start ring and the CRU washer rotate
AR-160/161 FM/E [3] CONSUMABLE PARTS 11/27/1998
3 – 5