Sharp AR-160 Copier User Manual

AR-160/161 FM/E [1] GENERAL 11/27/1998
1. General
This model is a digital personal copier produced with key words of
"Comfort able copy, Clear copy, Easy copy" providing high copy per-
formances and copy productivity.
2. Target user copy volume: Monthly
Stand-alone copier: 2000~3000 sheets
Compound machine: 4000~5000 sheets
3. Main features
A. High-speed laser copying
First-copy time is only 7.2 seconds (normal mode).
Copying speed is 16 copies/min., which adapts to business use,
allowing improvement of working efficiency.
B. High-quality digital image
High-quality copying at 600 dpi is performed.
In addition to the automatic exposure mode, the manual exposure
can be adjusted in five steps.
The photo mode copying function allows clear copying of delicate
halftone original images such as monochrome photos and color
photos. Photo mode is adjustable in five steps
C. Substantial copying features
Zoom copying from 50% to 200% in 1% increments can be per-
Continuous copying of maximum 99 sheets can also be per-
Useful special features such as the XY zoom, black and white
reverse, and dual page copy are available.
Toner save mode reduces toner consumption by approximately
User programs allow setting/modification of functions for customer
needs. Also the user programs allow the internal auditor to be
D. Scan once/ Print many (Only AR-161 for
The copier is equipped with a 1-page memory buffer. This memory
allows the copier to scan an original 1 time only and make up to 99
copies. This feature allows for improved workflow, reduced operat-
ing noise from the copier and reduced wear and tear on the scan-
ning mechanism, which provides for a higher reliability.
E. Optional features
An optional single pass feeder (SPF) allows automatic document
feeding of up to 30 sheets.
An optional electronic sort board allows many useful copier fea-
tures to be used. Multiple sets of copies can be sorted without the
aid of a sorter and each set can be offset from the previous set.
Also the erase, margin shift, and 4 in 1 and 2 in 1 functions are
available. (To use the 2 in 1 and 4 in 1 and sort/group functions,
an optional SPF is also needed.) (Offset only for AR-161)
This copier can be used as a laser printer by installing an optional
printer upgrade kit. (Depends on the destination)
This copier can be used as a facsimile machine by installing an
optional facsimile upgrade kit. (Depends on the destination)
F. Environmentally friendly design
Paper output tray is housed in the copier for space saving.
Preheat mode and auto power shut-off mode are provided to
reduce power consumption in standby mode.
4. System configuration
5. Copier installation
Do not install your copier in areas that are:
damp, humid, or very dusty
exposed to direct sunlight
poorly ventilated
subject to extreme temperature or humidity changes, e.g., near an
air conditioner or heater.
Be sure to allow the required space around the machine for servic-
ing and proper ventilation.
Single pass feeder
250-sheet paper feed unit
500-sheet paper feed unit
Electronic sorting kit (AR-EB3)
*Facsimile expansion kit (AR-FX2)
*Printer expansion kit (AR-PB8)
*LCD panel kit (AR-PA1)
*Job separator tray (AR-TR2)
*PS2 expansion kit (AR-PS1)
*There may be no setting for AR-FX2, AR-PB8, AR-PA1,
AR-TR2, and AR-151 depending on the destination.)
4" (10 cm)
1 – 1