Sharp AR-160 Copier User Manual

Pin No. Pin name Signal name I/O Function Purpose Descriptions
22 A14 A14 OUT Address bus 14 System bus
23 A15 A15 OUT Address bus 15 System bus
24 A16 A16 OUT Address bus 16 System bus
25 A17 A17 OUT Address bus 17 System bus
26 A18 A18 OUT Address bus 18 System bus
27 A19 A19 OUT Address bus 19 System bus
28 VSS POW Ground pin
29 A20 A20 OUT Address bus 20 System bus
30 /IRQ5 /SPFCOVER IN Interruption request 5 SPF cover sensor interruption 1: Cover close
31 /IRQ6 /OCCOVER IN Interruption request 6 OC cover sensor interruption 0: Cover close
32 /IRQ7 MHP IN Interruption request 7 Mirror home position sensor
1: Home position
33 /IRQ3 /SPFPAPER IN Interruption request 3 SPF paper pass sensor
0: Paper presence
34 /IRQ2 /CPUSYNC IN Interruption request 2 Horizontal sync signal
0: Effective
35 VSS POW Ground pin
36 VSS POW Ground pin
37 /IRQ1 /FW IN Interruption request 1 Zero cross interruption 0: Effective
38 /IRQ0 /LOOPINT IN Interruption request 0 Loop interruption 0: Effective
39 VCC POW Power pin
40 D0 D0 BIDIR Data bus 0 System bus
41 D1 D1 BIDIR Data bus 1 System bus
42 D2 D2 BIDIR Data bus 2 System bus
43 D3 D3 BIDIR Data bus 3 System bus
44 VSS POW Ground pin
45 D4 D4 BIDIR Data bus 4 System bus
46 D5 D5 BIDIR Data bus 5 System bus
47 D6 D6 BIDIR Data bus 6 System bus
48 D7 D7 BIDIR Data bus 7 System bus
49 D8 D8 BIDIR Data bus 8 System bus
50 D9 D9 BIDIR Data bus 9 System bus
51 D10 D10 BIDIR Data bus 10 System bus
52 D11 D11 BIDIR Data bus 11 System bus
53 VSS POW Ground pin
54 D12 D12 BIDIR Data bus 12 System bus
55 D13 D13 BIDIR Data bus 13 System bus
56 D14 D14 BIDIR Data bus 14 System bus
57 D15 D15 BIDIR Data bus 15 System bus
58 VCC POW Power pin
59 P30 OUT General port 30 Reservation L: Level fixing output
60 TXD1 TXD1 OUT SCI channel 1 serial
Service connector UART serial output
61 P32 SDA ODN General port 32 EEPROM control 12CBUS data line
62 RXD1 RXD1 IN SCI channel 1 serial reception Service connector UART input
63 P34 SCL ODN General port 34 EEPROM control 12CBUS clock line
64 P35 /FROMUP IN General port 35 Service connector 0: Service mode
65 VSS POW Ground pin
66 /DREQ0 /DREQ0 IN DMAC channel 0 external
Mirror and SPF motor
acceleration/reduction control
0: Request effective
67 VSS POW Ground pin
68 VSS POW Ground pin
69 /CS5 OUT Area 5 chip select Reservation L: Select
70 /DREQ1 /DREQ1 IN DMAC channel 1 external
Lifter and separator motor
acceleration/reduction control
0: Request effective
71 P63 POFFR OUT General port 63 Power off relay control H: AC switch OFF
72 P27 /ESPAGE IN General port 27 ERDH option page signal
0: Page effective
73 P26 /PCLPAGE IN General port 26 PCl operation page signal
0: Page effective
(Pin descriptions) IN: Input pin OUT: Output pin BIDIR: Bi-directional pin ODN: Open drain output pin TR1: 3-state output pin POW: Power pin
AR-160/161 FM/E [13] ELECTRICAL SECTION 12/1/1998
13 – 3