Sharp LC-M3710 Computer Monitor User Manual

and Installation
Mounting Options
Please use an optional table stand or wall-mount bracket designed specifically for this
Mounting the table stand (AN-37ST1) (LC-M3700)
This monitor is equipped with a temporary stand when shipped from the factory. Please
note this stand is for temporary use only until the monitor is properly mounted. Be sure to
use a special-purpose AN-37ST1 table stand or AN-37AG1 wall-mount bracket (both
2. Detach the temporary stand.
Place the monitor (face down) on a table, etc.
covered by a thick, soft cloth for LCD panel
Position the monitor near the edge of the table so
that the temporary stand does not hit the table,
then remove the terminal cover.
Unfasten the 4 screws used to secure the
temporary stand in place, then remove the stand.
1. Assemble the table stand.
Align the 5 screw holes of the stand base with
the corresponding screw holes of the stand
hinge. Then attach the stand base to the stand
hinge using the supplied 5 screws (M5 25 mm
3. Attach the table stand assembled in
step 1 to the back of the monitor using
the supplied 4 screws (M5 12 mm
After installation, close the terminal cover, and
adjust the monitor to a suitable angle. (Tilting
range: up to 4˚ forward and 6˚ backward.
Rotating range: up to 10˚ clockwise and
See the table stand instructions for details.
Terminal cover
Wide LCD Monitor
Temporary stand
Soft cloth, etc.
M5 screws 25 mm length
(5 screws)
Stand base
Stand hinge
Table stand
M5 screws 12 mm length
(4 screws)